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MEDICAL ANIMATION TRANSCRIPT: Nasal polyps are soft tissue growths in the lining of your nose. They may also grow in the air filled spaces near your nose called sinuses. Polyps may become irritated, swollen, or infected. They may grow large enough to block airflow through your nose. To treat your polyps, your healthcare provider may try medications, such as antibiotics, steroid spray, or allergy medicine. If medications don't work, your healthcare provider may want you to have the polyps removed. This procedure is called a nasal polypectomy. In this procedure, the surgeon will insert a thin tool with a camera on the end into your nose. Images from the camera will be sent to a video screen so that your surgeon can see the polyps. Then your surgeon will remove the polyps. After the procedure, your healthcare provider may ask you to use a saline rinse and other medication to help keep your airway open. Talk to your healthcare provider to find out more about nasal polypectomy. more