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MEDICAL ANIMATION TRANSCRIPT: If you have stress urinary incontinence, your doctor may advise you to have a tension-free vaginal tape, or TVT, procedure. Stress urinary incontinence means your bladder leaks urine during physical activity. To start the procedure, the surgeon will make two small incisions in your abdomen just above your pubic bone. Another small incision will be made in your vagina. A needle will be passed through this incision into your body and out of one of the incisions in your abdomen. A mesh tape attached to the needle will be pulled along this path. Then, a needle attached to the other end of the tape will repeat this procedure on the other side. Once the tape is in place, your surgeon will adjust it around your urethra to will provide support. The ends of the tape will be cut just beneath your skin. At the end of the procedure, the vaginal incision will be closed with sutures. And the pubic incisions may be closed with surgical glue or sutures. After the procedure, the tape will support your urethra and prevent urine leakage. Over time, scar tissue forms around the tape to hold it in place. To find out more about a tension-free vaginal tape procedure, talk to your healthcare provider. more