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MEDICAL ANIMATION TRANSCRIPT: Epilepsy is a condition in the brain where a person has at least two seizures overtime. There is no cure for most types of epilepsy, but there are treatments that can control the seizures. These treatments include medication, diet, and surgical procedures. Medications called antiepileptic drugs are the most common treatment for epilepsy. They are also known as anticonvulsants or anti-seizure drugs. Most seizures can be controlled with one of these drugs. But a combination of drugs may be necessary. A special diet called a ketogenic diet may also help reduce some types of seizures that are not controlled by medicines. This diet is high in fats and low in carbohydrates. Talk to your healthcare provider if you are thinking about putting your child on a special diet to help with seizures. This type of diet needs to be supervised by an expert. If medications aren't working, your healthcare provider may advise a surgical procedure for some types of epilepsy to help stop seizures. During most procedures, the part of the brain causing the seizures will be removed. Vagus nerve stimulation uses a device to help reduce the number of seizures. A surgical procedure is done to implant the device. In this procedure, a stimulator device will be placed beneath the skin in the chest. A wire from the device will be attached to the vagus nerve in the neck. Once it's in place, the device will limit short bursts of electrical energy that travel through the wire to the vagus nerve. Then, the energy will travel up the nerve to the brain to help reduce seizure activity. If you have any questions about treatments for epilepsy, talk to your healthcare provider. more