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MEDICAL ANIMATION TRANSCRIPT: Psoriasis is a disease where your immune system mistakenly attacks your skin. This results in raised patches of inflamed skin with silvery scales. There is no cure for psoriasis. But, there are treatments that can make your symptoms less severe. Treatments may include: medications you can apply to your skin, medications you can take as a pill or injection, light therapy, or a combination of these. For mild psoriasis, your doctor may advise you to use medicated skin ointments or creams. These skin medications can help moisturize your skin to keep it soft and relieve itching, reduce inflammation, slow down the growth of new cells in your skin, and make your immune system less active. In more severe cases, your healthcare provider may advise you to take medication in a pill or an injection. Another treatment your healthcare provider may advise is light therapy. Ultraviolet light in the summer sunshine tends to improve psoriasis. Getting outside for a short time may help. But, be sure to wear sunscreen to avoid skin damage. Light therapy also includes other sources of ultraviolet light, such as artificial light units, and lasers. If you have questions about treatments for psoriasis, talk to your healthcare provider. more